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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Applied Communication Sciences' FAQ page.

What was the driver behind the recently announced acquisition of ACS by The SI Organization, Inc. (the SI)?

Drawing on its Bell Labs heritage, ACS has been uniquely valued for working large-scale problems requiring deep knowledge of technology and operations. The SI’s purchase of ACS is a major step in their strategy to broaden and enrich the portfolio of capabilities it offers its clients.

Who is the SI?

The SI is a leading provider of full life cycle, mission-focused systems engineering and integration capabilities to the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and other agencies.  Its scalable systems engineering platform for modeling, simulation and analysis helps customers baseline requirements, optimize resources and manage risk.  The company has over 40 years of experience successfully delivering complex, system-of-systems technology solutions.  The SI employs approximately 2,000 people, with major locations in Chantilly, VA; Laurel, MD.; Denver; Los Angeles; and Valley Forge, PA.  For more information, visit: www.thesiorg.com.

How will ACS’s acquisition benefit its clients?

Drawing on its Telcordia and Bell Labs heritage, ACS will continue to excel at creating innovative technologies and services to solve the most difficult and complex information and communications problems.  Collectively, ACS and the SI bring fresh technologies, expertise and solutions to a wider spectrum of sectors that are increasingly dependent on advanced communications and information capabilities.  

Will the support ACS provides government customers change?

ACS’s acquisition by a U.S. owner will simplify many of our relationships with government clients and organizations.  More broadly, the government sector - - federal, state and local - - will continue to be a prime focus for ACS.  In response to the intensifying needs in this sector, we are increasing our emphasis on cyber security, advanced networks and operations, and communications. 

What impact does this mean for ACS’s work in the commercial sector?

Tapping the complementary expertise of the SI, ACS will be able to more fully apply our distinguished world class research, consulting and engineering to help commercial enterprises and government agencies around the globe fully exploit the future of communications.  This expertise will be delivered to a wider range of commercial enterprises across numerous communications-intensive industry verticals; including communications carriers, power utilities, avionics, financial and consumer electronics.

Will Applied Communication Sciences remain involved in industry standards groups?

The historic role our subject matter experts have had in industry standards will continue to be strong and visionary.  This is underscored by our senior positions across the industry’s most influential organizations including IEEE, ATIS, TIA, 3GPP/2, WiMax Forum, TM Forum and numerous other groups.

More broadly, is ACS still operating under the DSS proxy structure put in place due to its previous foreign ownership?

The government-approved proxy agreement that had been put in place with ACS in early 2012 was successfully processed and terminated effective July 22, 2013.  ACS remains committed to full compliance with all other requirements of the Federal government’s Defense Security Service (DSS) agency. 

Do any of ACS’s security credentials change?

All ACS security and business accreditations and registrations remain in place. 


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