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Intellectual Property

Collaborating to Build and Optimize Intellectual Property

With nearly 150 of our employees being the recipients of issued patents, Applied Communication Sciences has a particularly strong base from which to collaborate with a variety of industry players in the development of mutually beneficial intellectual property.

In achieving this goal, we identify and develop business opportunities leveraging the joint intellectual property and technical expertise of ourselves and our involved partner(s).

The result? A significant investment in both parties’ patent generating engines, a major reduction in the invention-to-commercially viable product cycle, and an energetic and dynamic R&D team.

Our current investments focus on several key technology areas, including:

  • Wireless Signal Processing – Algorithm design, geo-location
  • Data Analytics – Mathematical techniques, actionable intelligence
  • Network Operations & Management – Policy Driven Networks
  • Network Configuration
  • Source Code Analysis – Malware detection
  • DQW and HWE
  • Intrusion Detection and Response – Malicious code & wireless attack
  • Smart Grid and Cyber Security
  • Quantum Communication and Computing
  • Optical Networking - Network re-provisioning and & optical encryption

Our management and research team is eager to explore IP teaming opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Diane Duffy, Executive Director, Intellectual Property
o: (908) 748-2622