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Tony Bogovic

Vice President -
Advanced Consulting and Engineering

Mr. Bogovic is a seasoned management and technology leader, having held multiple positions within Bellcore, Telcordia, Applied Communication Sciences, and Vencore Labs.  Currently, as head of the Advanced Consulting & Engineering group, he directs the development and delivery of solutions and services across a wide spectrum of telecommunications operations, security and network management technologies and integrated systems.

His prior positions include serving as AVP of Applied Research at Telcordia, Chief Scientist of Applied Research at Telcordia, and Executive Director of  Internet and Wireless Network Management Research at Bellcore.

Mr. Bogovic has published papers, created intellectual property, and driven notable technology standards, while also serving as a board member of the Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Forum.  More broadly, he has held leadership industry positions in subject areas ranging from next generation networking to operations support systems.

Mr. Bogovic holds a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.