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Our Rich Heritage

With origins tracing back to Bell Laboratories, Bellcore and Telcordia Technologies, Applied Communication Sciences has a deep and distinguished history. When Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) was formed as part of the 1984 divestiture of the Bell System, the majority of its technical staff was drawn from Bell Laboratories. A primary mission of Bellcore was to provide R&D and network operations systems for the regional "Baby Bells" while ensuring the overall reliability and evolution of the U.S. communications network.

Bellcore became Telcordia Technologies as a result of new ownership in 1997 by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), then a $6B Fortune 500 IT firm. Under SAIC, Telcordia significantly expanded its international scope as well as its state and federal government work.

Telcordia was purchased in 2012 by LM Ericsson, a global telecoms provider.  This transaction resulted in Telcordia’s research & engineering group becoming Applied Communication Sciences (ACS).  ACS was acquired in 2013 by Vencore , a proven provider of information solutions, engineering and analytics for the U.S. Government. Vencore’s 40 years of industry experience and 4800 employees provide a strong, distinct complement in bringing fresh technologies, expertise and solutions to ACS clients.

Today, Applied Communication Sciences continues to excel at creating innovative technologies and services to solve the most difficult and complex information and communications problems across a wide spectrum of sectors that are increasingly dependent on advanced communications and information capabilities.

More information on Applied Communication Sciences can be accessed at: www.appcomsci.com.