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Supplier Diversity

Inclusion. At work.

Supplier Diversity Programs are intended to provide opportunities to historically underutilized, but qualified suppliers. Applied Communication Sciences has established such a program and is committed to seeking out opportunities for minority, women, and service disabled veteran owned businesses. This program does not compromise price, quality, or service, but helps businesses that may have been overlooked in the past be included in the procurement process.

Our Commitment

The Applied Communication Sciences Supplier Diversity Program was established to provide all qualified suppliers who have an interest in doing business with us the maximum practicable opportunity to do so.

We are committed to identifying opportunities to procure products and services from small businesses and businesses owned, controlled, and operated by minorities, women and service disabled veterans. The objectives of our Supplier Diversity Program were created to carry out this commitment.

The owners/operators of diverse businesses constitute a substantial portion of the community in which we and our customers conduct business. Their economic viability is partially dependent on having growth. We actively seek the involvement of all levels of our organization to achieve full employee awareness and participation in meeting our corporate and community commitments.

Please review our Supplier Diversity Registration Process for additional information.

Questions regarding our supplier diversity initiatives can be directed to SupplierDiversity@appcomsci.com.