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Atlantis GCI

A Global Communications Infrastructure (GCI) Visualization and Analysis Platform

Atlantis GCI is a web-based, geospatial platform which provides situational awareness and advanced analytical capabilities for global communications infrastructure (GCI) decision support, resiliency and risk.  When mission critical emergency situations or catastrophic network disruptions occur, analysts can utilize Atlantis GCI to support network capacity planning, network operations service assurance, mitigation planning, and restoration of impacted services.  The major components of the Atlantis GCI include:

  • A global communications infrastructure database
  • Infrastructure visualization capability
  • Resiliency and risk analysis capabilities

Global Communications Infrastructure

Visualization Features

INTERACTIVE MAP – Google Maps based visualization platform to view communications infrastructure:

  • Network routes - accurate geo-location rendering of communication routes[1] and connection points.
  • Data filters – Filter content based on multiple criteria including geographic location, carriers, routes and points of presence.
  • Customizable – incorporate user defined networks and KML files into the map display.

[1] May require subscription to commercial data

Analytical Features

RESILIENCY:  Atlantis GCI derives resiliency indexes based on the following metrics of the assessed infrastructure:

  • Survivability - Ability to adapt to an outage and restore services.   This reflects the flexibility to adapt to changes and the richness of connectivity that leads to rapid service restoration.
  • Reliability - Ability of the infrastructure to consistently deliver service without degradation or failure.  Consideration is given to outage history, susceptibility to disasters, and restoration capability.
  • Expansion Capacity - Ability to grow in a timely manner to meet increased demand.  This factor reflects the near-term growth potential.

RISK:  Atlantis GCI develops natural and physical risk indexes based on the following metrics:

  • Threat - Natural or man-made occurrence that has the potential to destroy information, operations and/or property.
  • Vulnerability - Physical features or operational attributes that render a network open to exploitation or susceptible to hazard.
  • Consequence - Effect of an event, incident, or occurrence.

Situational Awareness Features

Dashboard Integration* - ability to seamlessly integrate with situational awareness tools to support the display of  information such as Alarms, Performance and Trouble Tickets indicators that can be used to alert the user to recent network anomalies. A brief description of the warning will be displayed to provide time, location and probable causes information.

*This feature is not available on the base platform but will be delivered as part of client-tailored functionalities.


  • Comprehensive public carrier global communications infrastructure database with powerful visualization capabilities that leverage the web-based Google platform and negate the need for GIS system updates available on a single web-based platform.
  • Sophisticated algorithms - - based on subject matter expertise and extensive experience - - embedded in the analytical engines which allow customization of indexing metrics and weights based on client-specific preferences.
  • Potential for usage customization based on users’ preference for routes and carriers
  • Ability to include customer-defined network infrastructure data.

For more information on Atlantis GCI, contact us at:  atlantis@appcomsci.com