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Business Continuity Planning

Prepare for a Broad Range of Network Risks

Business Continuity Planning Overview

Governments, enterprises, and service providers rely on IT communications infrastructures for continuous operations and business success. But natural or man-made disasters, network changes, or the introduction of new technologies can pose a constant risk to business continuity. We can help you plan for the worst.

Our Business Continuity Planning helps you identify risks, ways to mitigate them and strategies to address and contain problems if they occur. Whether it be wireless, wireline or global network infrastructures, our network disaster planning experts can help you determine what needs to be protected, recovery time objectives and priorities, task owners responsible for recovery, and more. So if disaster strikes, your networks and business will be ready to respond.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Our comprehensive Business Continuity Planning includes:

  • Risk assessment. We perform a network integrity review, taking into account a broad range of possible scenarios, to discover vulnerability sources and single points of failure that pose a risk to your network. Our physical and environmental risk assessment includes a point check of more than 200 individual issues.
  • Business impact analysis. We identify key business functions and potential impacts of likely disasters to aid in developing the right recovery processes for a specific site, function or process.
  • Business continuity plan. We develop a plan to direct teams, document prevention and recovery policies and processes, and determine tracking and reporting strategies. An important component of this planning is a recurring plan maintenance schedule to ensure that all strategies are kept up to date, in line with organizational or network changes.
  • Mock disaster exercises. Our network disaster planning experts will train your staff to execute your business continuity plan, and we’ll organize mock network disaster scenarios to help ensure that your team is ready to handle any issue.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences offers unparalleled disaster recovery experience, based on more than 5,800 disaster prevention and recovery projects in communications, electronics and data processing. For more than 25 years, we’ve worked with government agencies, and international enterprise businesses and service providers, to provide planning that has accelerated recovery periods, and minimized customer impact and revenue loss.

Our experts hold extensive knowledge of disaster prevention and recovery issues that impact human health and safety, as well as equipment reliability and performance.