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Business Process Engineering and Optimization

Improve Your Business Operations

Business Process Engineering and Optimization Overview

Many organizations experience operational challenges when rolling out new technologies or services. These challenges can also affect the quality of existing services before you even realize a problem exists. Don't let operations trouble lead to poor service quality and low customer satisfaction. Whether you're facing unnecessarily long provision intervals, having trouble meeting quoted SLAs or experiencing difficulty rolling out new technologies, we can help.

Our Business Process Engineering and Optimization team helps civilian and military government agencies, as well as Communication Service Providers (CSPs), better understand and improve business operations. We focus on challenges across provisioning, engineering, performance, technology evolution, and customer service. So we can help you determine what works, what doesn't and what changes are needed to make your operations run smoothly. Optimizing business operations will help pave the way to higher-quality services, improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency. Start working your way there today.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Our Business Process Engineering approach includes:

  • Understanding the Present Mode of Operation (PMO). We'll assemble an experienced team to analyze your current processes, technologies and systems. The result will be creation of a detailed PMO business process model showing interrelationships and dependencies between people, systems, and processes. This will serve as the baseline that proposed changes and actual implementations are evaluated against.
  • Determining the Future Mode of Operation (FMO). We'll work with you to build an advisory team to define an FMO business process model based on your business objectives and our combined knowledge of industry best practices.
  • Gap Analysis and Transition Plan. A gap analysis of needed business process improvements and transition to the FMO plan will be developed. You'll gain an understanding of the business strategy, timing, personnel, and system/process evolution that will take place.
  • Implementation. By trialing and deploying new system or operational process improvements, we'll help you determine whether the intended results will be achieved. If additional system and operational process improvements need to be made, we'll repeat the appropriate PMO, FMO, Gap Analysis and Transition Planning steps as necessary.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences brings a unique perspective to the markets we serve. Our unequaled blend of industry leadership, knowledge, experience, people, tools, and best practices has resulted in a long track record of success for our customers.

We have long-standing working relationships with many CSPs, and civilian, federal and military government agencies and are familiar with their operational environments based on our ongoing work together. Our approach is life-cycle based and applies pertinent elements of the Applied Communication Sciences Plan-Design-Build-Operate methodology in the development of the PMO and FMO business process maps, making it applicable to every phase of business operations. Applied Communication Sciences program and project managers are trained in continual service/quality improvement as process optimization is often an iterative discipline. Our comprehensive "2x2" knowledge base covers both network and operations, and both telecom and information technology. We also have extensive experience building, implementing and supporting operational support systems (OSS) worldwide.

Applied Communication Sciences experts participate on numerous government advisory panels and industry standards groups, giving us unique insight into operational and process capabilities needed for compliance with emerging government cyber security requirements. Our deep experience with and contributions to widely-used best practice operations frameworks such as ITIL, eTOM, CMMI, and CobiT ensures that no matter what the challenge or environment, we can help.