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Cloud Computing Services

Build a Smart and Secure Cloud Environment

Cloud Computing Services Overview

When it comes to mission-critical communications, you simply can't afford any glitches in network performance, reliability, or security. Applied Communication Sciences can help you reduce the risk of having essential systems, operations, and applications unavailable – even if disaster strikes your cloud computing services.

With a structured approach to planning, designing and implementing cloud services, we can help you manage the quality, reliability and security of every aspect of your cloud services. From choosing the right service model to developing effective Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to verifying compliance, we can help you grow your cloud infrastructure – without compromising the security of your information. Or, if you are an enterprise customer considering moving to the cloud, we can help you with the decision making and transition processes.

Our specific perspectives on the design, implementation, and management of cloud services can be reviewed in our Growing Your Cloud Infrastructure whitepaper.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

We have the expertise you need to develop an effective, secure, and reliable cloud environment. With experience in planning, designing, implementing, and managing large-scale cloud computing infrastructures, we're ready to help you solve your toughest cloud computing challenges.

Our cloud computing services include:

  • Technical planning. We'll work with you to develop an overall plan based on your business objectives. During this phase, we'll analyze your cloud service model and deployment model as well as their dependencies on underlying communications network arrangements and technologies. As a result of these analyses, you'll receive customized insight to inform your technical decision-making process.
  • Performance, reliability, availability and disaster recovery. We'll identify the key issues for critical applications that demand a guaranteed quality of service, high levels of reliability and continued availability. This involves specifying the necessary requirements and criteria, and developing effective means to measure or verify compliance.
  • Security risk assessments and planning. We'll help you develop processes and procedures for threat and vulnerability analysis of the entire cloud supply chain. We'll also help in the planning, design, implementation, execution, supply chain risks management, and operation of solutions that will boost your cloud security and protect your sensitive information.
  • Development of effective Service Level Agreements. We'll identify critical issues such as performance, reliability, disaster recovery, and cloud security, and we'll help you develop these issues into effective criteria to include in your SLAs.
  • Compliance, due diligence, testing and monitoring. We'll help you develop effective criteria that can be used to validate compliance. We'll also help you develop a comprehensive plan for the ongoing due diligence, testing and monitoring of your cloud service compliance criteria.
  • Service provider evaluations. We'll consult on the technical development of Request for Proposals (RFPs) for cloud computing services solutions, and we'll provide technical evaluations of the responses.
  • Operations and management. We'll help you engineer or re-engineer existing business processes to maximize the value of your cloud services and increase customer satisfaction – all while minimizing your operations costs.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has the experience to help you manage even the most complex cloud supply chains with efficiency and ease. Our proven track record includes planning and implementing comprehensive enterprise services, network services, and applications for a variety of government agencies and commercial enterprises.

Working with multiple parties and solutions providers, and leveraging our unique, vendor-neutral approach, our cloud computing experts can help you plan and implement an integrated cloud computing solution that maximizes your cloud environment's performance, reliability, and security.