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IPv6 Assessment and Transition

Prepare for a Successful IPv6 Rollout

IPv6 Assessment and Transition Overview

After two decades of use, the IPv4 address inventory is nearly gone. This has prompted the acceleration of IPv6 deployment, as well as several U.S. government mandates specifying IPv6 deployment. IPv6 will touch every element of your IT infrastructure and network, introducing new or modified protocols and technologies. How is your organization preparing for the transition?

Our IPv6 Assessment and Transition can help you navigate the complex and expansive array of IPv6 technologies and transition methods. We'll assess your current IPv6 readiness, develop an IPv6 transition plan, and work with you to implement it -- so you can mitigate any trouble or disruption, while making the move to IPv6 with confidence. Starting your IPv6 transition today ensures that your organization will have the time needed for a successful rollout.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Applied Communication Sciences takes the following approach to ensure a smooth IPv6 transition:

  • IPv6 readiness assessment. We develop a detailed IPv6 readiness assessment of your network infrastructure, systems hardware, software and security management appliances to determine transition complexity. This assessment can also include a transition risk analysis and mitigation plan.
  • IPv6 transition planning. We'll create a transition strategy, target compliant architecture and phased implementation plan. We can also help determine costs and timeframes so you can build an internal business case, and conduct testing and certifications as necessary.
  • IPv6 implementation. We'll manage your IPv6 implementation, work with you to test and debug any issues, and provide ongoing support and training as needed.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

For more than 25 years, Applied Communication Sciences has served as a trusted partner for government organizations, enterprises and global service providers. This work has included IPv6 network architecture, design, testing and migration planning.

We have the deep expertise required to support a successful transition from IPv4 to IPv6, having worked on the IPv6 protocol since inception and contributed to its development. Our approach combines a deep understanding of associated networks, technologies, operations and security needs with highly-skilled engineers, processes and tools. Our multi-vendor IPv6 laboratory and testbed includes a rich set of capabilities for simulation of various migration approaches. The result is a consistently reliable IPv6 infrastructure and application migration experience for our customers.