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Network and System Reliability Analysis

Carrier-Class Reliability for Next Generation Technologies and Services

Network and System Reliability Analysis Overview

Telecommunications networks managed or relied upon by government agencies need to deliver "carrier-class" reliability. The introduction of complex, multi-vendor, next generation networks has made achieving these reliability requirements challenging. Take advantage of technology evolution without the reliability risks. We can help ensure that your wireless, wireline and global network infrastructures are ready to deliver the highest levels of reliability.

Our Network and System Reliability Analysis services can guide you through all stages of product and network design. We'll examine the reliability of system components, subsystem configurations, hardware, software and system architectures for deployment. This comprehensive reliability evaluation will ensure that your networks and systems are ready to meet mission-critical performance requirements.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Our comprehensive Network and System Reliability Analysis services include:

  • System reliability analysis. We conduct component, subsystem, system/solution reliability analysis and validation testing for the hardware and software components of your system. As a result, we can measure the reliability attributes of individual solution components, including for various redundancy configurations, and for full-solution architectures. We'll also verify reliability modeling assumptions by measuring system behavior under failure conditions and software fault detection and recovery on active and standby system units.
  • Network reliability analysis. We analyze proposed networks and services to design reliability into network architectures. This includes developing reliability metrics and requirements that reflect design goals and consider the planned mix of network services. Reliability parameters for generic types of new network elements are estimated to predict the performance of a new architecture. And reliability of proposed alternative network architectures is analyzed to determine network failure causes. A Markov-modeling based tool is developed to quantify the effects of different architectures on network reliability.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

For more than 25 years, Applied Communication Sciences has provided reliability consulting and engineering services to telecom service providers and suppliers worldwide. We have extensive experience in improving and sustaining the quality and reliability of products in telecommunications networks for the biggest service providers around the world and for government agencies that rely on those networks or manage their own networks.

Through our work with service providers and suppliers, most major telecommunications networks have significantly improved key field performance metrics. This includes reducing outage downtime, release application aborts, software faults, and defective patches.