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Network Management

End-to-End Network Design or Upgrade Support

Network Management Overview

Government and commercial networks are always evolving. Over time, new network management complexities are introduced. Whether preparing for consolidation, expanding to support new technologies or preparing to manage a new network, Applied Communication Sciences can help you from start to finish.

Our Network Management services offer full support for the conception, plan, design, procurement and deployment of IT and telecom network management capabilities. Effective network management system and process design results in faster problem resolution, reduced cost of ownership and end user satisfaction. We have the deep experience and knowledge to help you meet all your network management challenges.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Our Network Management services support all lifecycle aspects and stages, including defining an architecture and functions, creating a systems view, writing systems requirements, defining interfaces, creating process flows, selecting products, implementation, testing, training and establishing a network operations center. We leverage the following approaches to ensure overall success:

  • Process re-engineering. We evaluate your present mode of operations (PMO) and work with you to set the vision for the future mode of operations (FMO).
  • Standards and requirements. We follow the appropriate standards and directives as applicable to your project, and develop well-defined, testable requirements to ensure that all goals are met.
  • RFP creation. We develop an RFP and ensure that its requirements are feasible and provide the best value for money.
  • RFP response evaluation. We create objective RFP response evaluation criteria based on what is important to you and overall project success, giving you confidence in the final selection that is made.
  • Systems Integration. We write scripts, configure, tune and test EMSs and NMSs to interoperate and meet your service needs.
  • Training. We provide necessary training for all components to ensure that your staff is fully prepared to manage the new or upgraded network.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has nearly three decades of experience designing telecommunications networks and operations systems. This includes writing standard-setting requirements for all major network equipment, hardware, software, operations, reliability and security. Our government telecommunications experts provide consulting, high-level process engineering, network operations design, systems engineering, and systems integration of network management for complex telecommunications programs.

Our government and commercial customers benefit from our full understanding of trends in user self-service, increased security requirements and the need to reduce operations costs. We provide vendor-neutral analysis, advice and implementation services that defend your future flexibility and robustness to change. And we are part of a larger telecom network team that listens to your specific needs to tailor a solution that optimizes functionality, cost and schedule.