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Telecommunications Standards and Requirements

Implement the Standards and Requirements That Can Help Ensure a Cost-Effective Deployment

Telecommunications Standards and Requirements Overview

In a global market, service providers, network owners and equipment vendors must work together to deliver telecommunication services to end users. Guiding them are the industry standards and requirements that help ensure services are reliable, cost effective and deployed properly in a timely manner.

Our Telecommunications Standards and Requirements development work drives much of the communication that takes place in the U.S. and around the world. We have the knowledge, skills and tools to support government agencies, public networks, and commercial enterprises in telecommunications standards development and requirements for user applications. Whether developing or enhancing a telecommunication product or service, we have the expertise to help you plan, develop, test and deploy smoothly and cost-effectively.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Our Telecommunications Standards and Requirements support capabilities include:

  • Standards and requirements process. Based on our unique experience and leadership in the many national and international standards bodies, our procedures include technical inputs, draft document reviews and industry agreements to develop standards and requirements documents. Deep technical knowledge of the technologies, industry leadership, and time-tested processes are critical in the development of these upfront specifications. This ensures high quality specifications and fair participation by all stakeholders within the telecom ecosystem.
  • Consulting services. We offer consulting services to support client needs, including service and network modeling, design and engineering, planning, and equipment/network testing. We can provide strategic and tactical guidance to help choose the best approach for development of your products and services in a timely manner.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has more than 25 years of in-depth experience in the development of telecom industry standards and requirements that support wireless and wireline communications based on legacy and next generation networks.

We've worked with a broad range of clients, from government agencies and service providers to equipment vendors. Our standards and requirements work has supported deployments for wireline/wireless network technologies, telephony voice, data, video and multimedia services for public use, and priority or emergency services for government applications. This work has positively impacted services, network elements, billing, operations, administration and maintenance, security and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

With heritage in supporting legacy telecommunication infrastructures for service providers, we are at the forefront of standards and requirements development and deployment for all types of networks, holding key leadership positions in many industry standards bodies. We've supported clients in national and international standards development and corresponding requirements development to ensure that uniform and interoperable systems and services are deployed in public networks at a reasonable cost.