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Networking Testing Services

Ensure the Performance and Reliability of Changing Networks

Testing Overview

Government networks are growing more complex to address a broad range of mission-critical requirements. This evolution can lead to network performance and reliability issues as new technologies, products and services are rolled out. Challenging business and tactical environments leave no room for errors or technical problems. Our network testing services can help ensure that no matter what types of changes occur in your network, it is always ready to perform at the highest levels.

Our testing services can help assure the installation, integration, interconnection, interoperability, conformance, and performance of IT and telecommunications networks. The result is enhanced quality, reliability and performance. You'll also experience cost-efficiencies versus in-house or vendor network testing.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Our comprehensive network testing services include:

  • Network infrastructure testing. We conduct infrastructure testing for legacy and next-generation technologies, from PSTN and IP networks to IMS, VoIP, wireless and more.
  • Interoperability and integration testing. Our complex system testing includes coordination and implementation across technologies, test beds and disciplines. It can uncover any equipment or end-to-end service/application issues in your network. Testing simulation services include interoperability testing of multiple network types.
  • Testing automation. We can help streamline ongoing testing with proprietary tools to automate test execution, data collection, post processing and report generation.
  • Network test tools and support. Our network test tools and management software can increase large-scale testing efficiencies. We also provide full support to manage complex testing projects.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has extensive experience testing a wide range of telecommunications and data communications equipment, networks and systems. We have performed extensive testing for a broad range of federal government agencies, service providers, and enterprise businesses around the world.

Our expertise in planning and designing secured global networks and advanced telecommunications networks is unmatched. Our deep experience includes developing, testing, and rolling out network-wide services such as SS7, SONET, ATM, IP, and VoIP, as well as many others.