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Big Data Analytics Projects

Areas in which Applied Communication Sciences is Actively Conducting Analytics Research
  •  Quantitative Financial Analytics: Delivering advanced quantitative research analytics to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for their monitoring and managing of risks in capital and financial markets. This work supports a new SEC charter to integrate financial economics and rigorous data analytics into their core activities.
  • Mathematical Techniques:  Creation of a new suite of fast algorithms that automatically represent high and/or multi-dimensional data using its inherent low dimensionality.  Refining randomization techniques used to reduce computational complexity of the algorithms and development of multi-scale techniques to enable rapid detection of patterns at different space-time scales.  These techniques have been applied to the analysis of traffic patterns in cellular telephone networks, predicting wind patterns for turbines powering the smart grid, and detecting anomalies in IP network traffic.
  • Machine Learning:  Conception of  a unique machine learning paradigm, Learning Using Privileged Information (LUPI), that mimics the process of an expert human teacher by providing additional information during training beyond simply the correct answer.  This approach enables a faster rate of convergence to the optimal decision rule; or equivalently, higher accuracy than classical supervised machine learning for a given number of training examples. Considerable work has also been performed on probabilistic and on-line machine learning.
  • System for Extracting Actionable Intelligence:  Building an end-to-end system that enables analysts to draw actionable intelligence from large, unknown and disparate sources of information. The system embeds techniques including entity extraction, entity resolution, ranking, reasoning, and social network analysis as well as alignment of data models and advanced analytic algorithms.
  • Tool for Data Exploration and Transformation:  Development of Arroyo, our forensic data analysis and transformation tool.   Arroyo provides a visual interface for data exploration and rapid development of data migration, transformation, and reconciliation rules.  We have deployed Arroyo on large-scale data analysis projects ranging from reconciling millions of billing and service records to mapping the availability of broadband services for every address in New Jersey.

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