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Why Us?

Why Applied Communication Sciences

The scientists at Applied Communication Sciences have nearly three decades of experience in conducting leading edge research in data analytics to solve practical but very complex problems for industry and government. Our experience in analyzing traditional wire line network traffic to understand how to boost capacity and reduce congestion led to our being among the first groups to analyze IP and wireless traffic. These analyses often suggest innovative ways to route traffic and optimize network designs. More recently, we have applied this expertise to the analysis of network anomalies and intrusion detection as well as to the design of mobile ad hoc networks on various projects for U.S. Federal agencies.

Similarly, our seminal work on text analytics led to the invention of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), http://lsi.appcomsci.com/lsi/papers/JASIS90.pdf. The technique applies advanced mathematics to the processing of textual data and showed a 30% improvement in information retrieval recall over standard methods of the time. LSI has been used for a variety of commercial and government applications, including automated classification of text-based trouble reports, information filtering and routing, cross-language retrieval (e.g., Arabic and Chinese), and product recommendations.  LSI also provided the basis for relevant and efficent web search for the Lycos search engine.

More broadly, Applied Communication Sciences is actively engaged in collaborations with faculty in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information science at leading universities to advance the theory and application of Information Analytics. We also partner with a broad spectrum of research organizations, private companies and government entities to solve large-scale problems in Information Analytics.