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Research Labs

Industry Leadership

Our Research Labs are State-of-the-art

Innovation and technical excellence are the hallmark of the Applied Communication Sciences laboratories. Each laboratory is focused on a specific cutting-edge discipline, which includes:

  • Internet & Wireless Network Management
      Performs world-class work in quantum cryptography, IP, and wireless network and service management. Industry firsts include: demonstrating Quantum Key Distribution techniques for optical networks; designing a commercial-grade service model that addresses large-scale operations needs of wireless carriers; and prototyping a platform for policy-based management of IP-DiffServ-/Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks, which enables on-demand bandwidth provisioning and service assurance.
  • Broadband Networking
      Pushes the limits of high-speed transmission and is moving toward “unbreakable” optical network security through groundbreaking broadband research. Develops Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) standards, and is largely responsible for DSL dominance (90%) in the global broadband rollout. Currently developing tools to expand bandwidth, starting with Very-High-Data-Rate DSL (VDSL) and Fiber To The Premise (FTTP)-based IPTV platforms and moving to systems that are “well beyond Passive Optical Network (PON).”
  • Mobile Networking
      Conducts research, develops simulations and prototypes, and drives standards for a wide range of mobile commercial and military networks. Significant recent achievements include: novel Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based mobility and mobile information services for converged networks using IMS/Next Generation Network (NGN), a complete auto-configuration suite for large dynamic ad hoc networks, and efficient wireless security and intrusion detection schemes.
  • Wireless Systems & Networks
      Generates innovative wireless system designs and signal processing algorithms that overcome performance, capacity, and interoperability limits of conventional hardware and software. Leverages analytical, simulation, and system prototyping experience to demonstrate unparalleled network improvements in spectral efficiency, capacity, and range for leading-edge wireless communications. Collaborates extensively with commercial and government customers to extract real-world benefits from novel network designs, paradigm-shifting algorithms for network operations and management, and field trials of revolutionary system technologies.
  • Software Technology
      Creates software development tools that reduce costs by 20%-30% through greater automation and improved quality. Investigates ways to incorporate service-oriented architectures and Web services technologies into Applied Communication Sciences products to support our open, Elementive™ approach. Works with government agencies to improve software reliability; collaborates with computer gaming companies; and uses advanced communications technologies to improve urban transit management. Also leads the industry in developing telecom software standards, is a prominent member of the TeleManagement Forum (TMF), and led the creation of MTOSI.
  • Information Analysis & Services
      Focuses on software engineering, modeling and algorithms, information analysis, and service creation. Creates tools and methods to automate software processes – leading to order of magnitude improvements in quality and up to 30% reduction in costs. Develops system dynamics models enabling quantification and visualization of business value. Prototypes tools for building managed IP services, and advances Internet traffic measurement, impairment-aware optical networks, and human-computer interfaces.
  • Information Assurance & Security
      Serves as the hub for all Applied Communication Sciences information assurance and security research. A major focus is security for wireless ad hoc networks, which it advances through publications and demonstrated implementations, including a major outdoor military demonstration. Selected by federal homeland security to trial automated security management technology in a large operational IP network. Enhances security of Voice over IP (VoIP) services and defense of “spoofed” address attacks.
  • Emerging Technologies & Services
      Applies the latest technologies to real-world problems. For example, its first-of-a-kind SIP user agent and software modules are enabling networking with location-based messaging for one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Also developing Ethernet PONs, next-generation biomedical monitoring devices, a mobile biosensor networking test bed using Bluetooth and 802.11 transmission, and algorithms that automatically convert unstructured data into documents.

In addition, we collaborate with leading academic, industrial and government institutions which provide access to a multitude of unique laboratories and research facilities as well as a wealth of new ideas and future talent. We strive to hire the best and the brightest talent and select candidates who have (or soon expect to have) an M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering with research interests in Networks and Network Operations, Services and Applications, and Information Technologies.