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Research Highlights

Applied Communication Sciences Research is a Part of Communications History

Since our beginnings as part of Bell Labs and then Bellcore and Telcordia Technologies, we’ve continually translated innovative thinking into business results for our customers. Along the way, we’ve shaped the industry with patented breakthroughs like ADSL, AIN, ATM, Frame Relay, LSI, MIME, SONET, WDM and Smart Grid Security. Regardless of where or how you communicate in the world today, chances are that you're touching technology invented or refined by Applied Communication Sciences.

Solving today’s problems

Our powerhouse teams are driven by excellence in research coupled with creative, cost-effective and most importantly, practical solutions to your business and technical problems.

Our teams have achieved worldwide recognition for many communication and information milestones. This allows a deep perspective and expertise which we bring to our engagements. Listed below are a few examples of some of our diverse research efforts:

  • Provided advanced networking and network management solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense's (DoD) 10-year, $2 billion Transformational Satellite Communications (TSAT) Mission Operations System (TMOS) program.
  • Enabled, through our DARPA-sponsored MONET project, the creation of the Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) industry.
  • Developed Latent Semantic Indexing software technology that improves online searching performance of multilingual text documents by up to 30 percent.
  • Achieved breakthrough research -- recognized by an Edison Patent Award -- that makes quantum communications practical and scalable in fiber optic networks.
  • Developed first-of-its-kind smart grid technology -- highlighted and funded by the US Department of Energy for being essential to “bolstering the defense of the nation’s energy delivery systems” -- that provides power utilities with enhanced, early warning of malicious behavior within smart grid networks.

While Applied Communication Sciences continues to be a wellspring of inventions and innovations that change the industry as a whole, our main focus is on providing significant competitive advantages for our customers.  Notable examples include:

  • Delivering advanced quantitative research analytics to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for their monitoring and managing of risks in capital and financial markets.”  This work supports a new SEC charter to integrate financial economics and rigorous data analytics into their core activities.
  • Creating a suite of cyber defense solutions that defeat the most serious zero-day attacks – ones that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities and foil existing security solutions.  Based on our proven anomaly- and specification-based technology, the ACS Z-DayTM solutions efficiently detect and prevent the execution of malware on Windows and Linux hosts and Android mobile devices.  
  • Harnessing commercial 4G/WiFi and smart phone technologies to the rapidly evolving needs of dispersed and mobile war fighters; specifically, in the US Army’s Multi-Access Cellular Extension (MACE) program.   Our MACE contributions are ensuring delivery of the exceptionally complex functions of robust network connectivity on-the-move and seamless information assurance.
  • Delivering unprecedented levels of security in protecting sensitive information in smart devices, which have become a new focal point for sophisticated cyber attacks.  Our ACS Mobile Data Storage (AMDS) solution uses a patented policy-based technique to encrypt and store data which have particular application in the banking, healthcare, military, and emergency services sectors.
  • Providing break-through innovation to Toshiba America Research Incorporated (TARI) enabling TARI's parent, Toshiba, to establish the foundation for the next generation of wireless IP and mobility products.  TARI's collaboration with Applied Communication Sciences resulted in more than 110 new patent submissions.
  • Organizing and completing the world's largest field demonstration of ground tactical mobile ad hoc networks with quality of service and dynamic auto configuration capabilities
  • Fielding a record-setting demonstration of multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) array signal processing for high data rate wireless communications

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