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Thought Leadership

Standards and Professional Affiliation

The efforts and insights of our researchers reach far beyond individual clients. They move our industry forward.

Our experts typically file for, and/or receive, more than 100 patents annually.  Each year, our researchers publish, submit or deliver hundreds of industry-leading books, papers and/or presentations.

Equally significant are the leadership roles and contributions we consistently provide to academic and government advisory boards, and virtually all of the industry's major standards bodies and professional societies. A sampling of those organizations and current or recent posts our experts have filled include:

Leadership on Professional Societies

  • IEEE Communications Society - Past-president, Vice-president, Treasurer, Board member
  • IEEE Laser & Electro-Optical Society (IEEE LEOS) - Annual meeting technical chair
  • Optical Society of America (OSA) - Member of committees on transmission systems and integrated photonics research and applications

Leadership on Standards Bodies

  • Allliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions - Board member, sub-team leader on IPTV interoperability and broadcast IPTV QoS metrics
  • Optoelectronic Industry Development Association (OIDA) - Board member, Technical Advisory Board Chair, Executive Committee Member, Steering Committee Member, Board Treasurer
  • Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) - Working Group Chair on Operations Administration, Maintenance, & Provisioning (OAM&P)
  • NIST - Smart Grids & Security Standards member
  • IEEE 802.21 - Chair, 802.21 Seamless Mobility
  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) - Member of working groups on IP MPLS VPN RFCs, HOKEY, PANA, MIPv6, and MIPSHOP protocol design; developer of method for EAP extension
  • 3GPP2 - Chair, Priority Services

Plus, active involvement in 14 other industry groups, including: Small Cells Forum, IEEE Standards Association, 3GPP, Open Mobile Alliance, SAE Avions System Division, ZigBee Alliance, and European Telecommunications Standards Institute.