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Research Areas

Solving Real-World Problems with Advanced Solutions and Services

Creating fundamental new technologies and capabilities to solve the hardest and most complex problems facing organizations can seem like a daunting responsibility to some. At Applied Communication Sciences, we’ve been doing it successfully for decades.

Our team of industry-recognized leaders seamlessly blends the disciplines of research, consulting, and engineering to help communications service providers, commercial enterprises, and government agencies across the globe envision, create, deploy and profit from the future of communications. Our unique perspective spans communications and information technology, from the physical layer to the application layer, and all the interactions and interrelations in between.

In the area of applied research, our teams continuously develop real-world solutions, intellectual property, and client confidence in the path forward. The methodologies, tools and solutions we create, and the leadership we contribute to standards bodies and professional societies, are helping to move content like never before over all kinds of networks, even under the most dynamic and inhospitable conditions.

We invite you to browse the research areas below, which offer a snapshot of exciting approaches and projects we’re pursuing to support our diverse client base of service providers, network operators, suppliers and academic institutions, as well as businesses in multiple industries and government entities.

  • Cyber Security techniques for malicious code detection, cryptography & privacy, secure databases, intrusion & insider threat detection, and cyber infrastructure configuration
  • Highly Dependable Software Systems employing model-driven techniques, formal methods and constraint solvers
  • Wireless Systems including MIMO,  cognitive radios, and wireless and RF optimization tools
  • Mobile Networking focusing on wireless networks, mobile ad hoc networks, IMS, and LTE
  • Broadband Systems including optical systems, quantum systems and communications, optical network architecture
  • Information Analytics & Management addressing large-scale, high-dimensional data sets using machine learning, mathematical & statistical techniques
  • Adaptive & Cognitive Systems that sense and adapt to their environments using policy control, automated reasoning, and machine learning
  • Network Modeling and Simulations across a broad range of technologies and tools
  • Smart Grid modeling in support of demand response systems and secure communication