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Wireless Systems and Technologies

The driving issue behind Applied Communication Sciences wireless research is "efficiency"-- maximizing use of physical and link layer network resources, particularly electromagnetic spectrum.

We are using our network performance and optimization know-how to come up with new ideas to help owners and operators plan and manage their large-scale wireless networks, optimize operating parameters of those networks to deliver high-quality wireless services, and derive maximum capacity and spectral efficiency.

Innovation in Action: 
  • We have achieved and published outstanding test results from our applications of Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) technology to boost over-the-air capacity with a fixed amount of spectrum.
  • We are pursuing increasingly accurate approaches for assessing RF network performance.
  • We are providing consulting support to commercial network operators, assessing their network behavior and performance and offering options for optimizing that performance. Our goal is to help them answer complex and often confusing questions: what technologies should they choose to deploy, how should they plan those technology deployments, how should they direct capital investments to meet their short- and long-term customer demand, and when should they introduce transitional or evolutionary technologies.
Innovation on the Horizon: 
  • Given the urgent demand for spectrum in the commercial and government sectors, we are exploring ways to leverage our network planning, database technology, and software engineering skills to facilitate a new generation of spectrum planning and management systems.
  • We are pursuing plans for MIMO-enabled, fully wireless backhaul systems, which could produce major business benefits -- enabling operators to reduce operational expenses, improve wireless broadband service delivery, and enjoy more flexibility in how they deploy backhaul solutions.