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IP Assure

Delivering Carrier-Grade Confidence to IP Network and Security Administrators

IP networks have entered the mainstream. They are no longer “optional” networks providing only “best effort” service. Most organizations such as global enterprises and service providers now depend on large, complex, highly dynamic IP networks to carry their voice, video, and data traffic. Given that IP network equipment, policies, and conditions change every day, and that configuration errors contribute to more than 60% of cyber attacks and downtime, organizations need fool-proof assurances that their networks are secure, compliant, and available. They need a way to maintain total IP network awareness.

IP Assure:  The Next Level of IP Network Reliability

In response to this need, researchers at Applied Communication Sciences have developed IP Assure:  a customizable, one-of-a-kind software solution that protects mission-critical IP traffic by non-intrusively analyzing entire networks and alerting administrators to problems that could compromise security, regulatory compliance, and availability.

As vendor- and device-neutral software, IP Assure employs patent-pending algorithms, a large built-in rules database, and customer-specific policies to perform automatic, non-intrusive analyses of all IP routers, switches, and firewalls.  After performing this deep level analysis IP Assure then offers remediation recommendations.  Other advanced, and largely unique, aspects of IP Assure include the ability to:

  • Troubleshoot all IP network device configurations without impacting operations
  • Access real-time, multiprotocol views of the network
  • Verify new device configurations before deployment
  • Fully support cloud computing environments
  • On-demand spawning of separate IP Assure instances
  • Scale to thousands of devices and dozens of protocols

Use Our System Your Way

Additional information on IP Assure, including its support for third party reselling and related consulting services, can be found in our IP Assure information package.