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Speech Technology Tools

The Phonetic Pronunciation Package

The complexity and sophistication of speech technology deployments increase daily.  The popularity of personal assistants like Apple's Siri has raised the bar – customers expect higher quality, responsiveness and accuracy among a wider array of services.  Common complaints about speech understanding systems are that they misrecognize spoken names, while speech response systems too often garble street locations, businesses names, and specialized vocabularies.  Key technical challenges for names are their sheer quantity, vastly diverse etymologies, hard-to-predict assimilation and highly idiosyncratic pronunciation that often contradict phonological patterns.

At Applied Communication Sciences, we’ve been successfully improving speech accuracy for 30 years. The key focus of our speech research yields tools for successful speech technology applications. In the fields of health care, call centers, credit verification, transaction processing, security, appointment reminders and more, our Phonetic Pronunciation Package provides vendor-independent name pronunciations of the highest quality and accuracy.  Representative client feedback includes:

  • "Generated better pronunciations 3.4 times more often than our own." – Leading search-engine company
  • "Retrievals rated 'excellent' for more than 92% of our listings."  – Major wireless vendor
  • “Best of several systems we tested.” – Major transaction vendor
  • "At least as good as pronunciations hand-created by our linguists." – Primary TTS vendor

Based on the highly acclaimed pronunciation modules within our Orator® speech system, the unparalleled accuracy of our Phonetic Pronunciation Package develops name dictionaries of truly exceptional accuracy for ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) and transforms your synthesizer into a best-in-class name maven.  

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