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Zero-Day Cyber Defense Solutions

Stop Unforeseen Attacks

 Applied Communications Sciences (ACS) has developed a suite of cyber defense solutions that target zero-day attacks – ones that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities – as well as known attacks.  Based on our proven anomaly- and specification-based technology, the ACS Z-DayTM solutions efficiently detect and prevent the execution of malware on Windows and Linux hosts and Android mobile devices.  Z-Day kernel-based detectors catch all types of malicious behavior exhibited by malware, and proven correlation algorithms look for a preponderance of evidence from multiple detectors to minimize false positives and maximize true positives.

When preventative security mechanisms fail, what’s left is a Z-Day situation.

Do you have a plan for what to do when your existing security systems fail to prevent a malware attack? Address your zero-day vulnerability situation today – with Z-Day.

The primary components of our Z-Day solutions suite are:

Z-Day Enterprise Security System defeats the most serious of malware-based IT attacks that foil existing security solutions.  It’s novel integration of application-, host-, and enterprise-level monitoring across a spectrum of thematic, behavioral, and social activities enables extremely effective malware activity detection with a false positive rate of less than one per day for the enterprise.  The system has been independently tested and shown to defeat nation-state quality zero-day attacks and to limit maximal enterprise infection to less than one percent while recovering infected systems within six minutes.  See further perspectives in our Z-Day ESS white paper.

Z-Day Defense for Android protects users from a broad range of malware executing on Android devices.  This protection includes malware embedded in legitimate apps as well as runtime exploits of benign apps and services.  In addition to being able to stop previously unknown vulnerabilities, Z-Day Defense for Android outperforms signature-based approaches due to it being free from the overhead of signature updates and systems scanning.  Additional information can be found in our Z-Day for Android Overview.