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Information Assurance for the Cyber Security Age

Security Overview

Malicious hacking, privacy breaches and wide-scale network and services outages continue to make headlines and impact critical services. As a result, consumers are more aware than ever of the cyber security risks that could exist when conducting online banking, accessing mobile services and more. Put them at ease. Effectively manage risks and achieve information protection with Applied Communication Sciences Security Consulting Services.

From DDoS attacks and malware threats to service fraud, your network operations, multimedia services and data are always at risk. We can help you keep sensitive data, mission-critical services and network infrastructures safe with a holistic approach to security.

Sophisticated threats and vulnerabilities will always pose a constant challenge. But we can work with you to manage the migration and evolution of client networks, define technology introduction processes, and develop flexible security architectures, based on our real-world operations experience, technical skill sets and deep knowledge of security tradeoffs.

More information about Applied Communication Sciences Security Consulting Services is provided in this publicly available overview brochure.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Applied Communication Sciences can deliver an end-to-end, cyber security strategy to protect your network infrastructure, multi-media services and the customers that rely on it. Our information assurance services include:

  • Security policy and architecture development and implementation. We conduct a needs and threat assessment to determine your technical and operational security requirements. Remaining fully vendor-neutral, we develop network and service architectures by performing product and technology assessments and selection, and, developing operational procedures, training and enforcement programs for a customized cyber security and information assurance strategy.
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current physical, logical and operational security controls. We provide a structured prioritization of vulnerability risks against evolving cyber threats. This informs a mitigation plan that incorporates security, and logical and physical resiliency of critical systems, data and services.
  • Security operations benchmarking and optimization. We can evaluate your staff's effectiveness and the state of your operating procedures to detect, respond to and contain malicious events and network failures through different types of exercises and configuration analyses. The resulting information is used to quickly assess and improve the effectiveness of your staff, network operations center infrastructure and the deployed security technology and supporting operations processes.
  • Network penetration and multimedia services testing. By combining the best aspects of automated testing with custom-designed attacks, we can support the full lifecycle of legacy, and new technology and services at various levels of testing and analysis. Applied Communication Sciences can apply its comprehensive methodology and tools to identify critical vulnerabilities and the potential for exploitation across software, systems, communications and hardware/firmware components. Our award-winning IP Assure tool for policy assessment and compliance can also be included in the assessment.
  • Supply Chain Integrity. We provide a holistic approach to supply chain integrity, with risk mitigation elements that include procedural, contractual, physical, and technical approaches. We surpass the basic product and lifecycle testing done by most organizations to provide a comprehensive analysis of the vulnerabilities in your vendors' products and the supporting supply chains. The result is greatly reduced enterprise and national security risks.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences draws on over 25 years of security experience protecting critical infrastructure and large, complex networks and services from threats and risks across different economic sectors. We work with a broad range of clients across government agencies, communications service providers, domestic and global enterprises, and product suppliers. This also gives us unique insight into current and future threats.

Our information assurance expertise spans present-day and cutting-edge information and communications technologies, with significant aptitude across a wide variety of network technologies, IT systems, software applications and multimedia services. Our ability to innovate new methodologies also allows us to pioneer the security analysis of new technologies, such as broadband mobile services, IPTV and Smart Grid. Leverage our deep experience to help stay ahead of cyber security threats and keep your network, services and data safe.