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Information Systems Access and Authorization Center (ISAAC)

Adept, Secure Management of Systems Access & Authorization

ISAAC provides a web-based, intuitive interface that streamlines the definition and maintenance of access and authorization requirements for any information system or application. In doing so, ISAAC complements and completes the efforts taken by organizations towards the modernization of their identity and access management practices.

ISAAC works with most authentication methods in use today and integrates with commonly used authorization models (such as RBAC and AABAC) that control authorization and privileges within organizations’ information systems and applications.

ISAAC's Functional Flow

Key features of ISAAC include:

  • Role-based access controls which allow multiple user types/roles to perform all desired functions that are needed to manage the access and authorization lifecycle for any given information system or application.
  • Support for the definition and enforcement of fine grain access requirements via a simple web-based interface.
  • Robust rules for defining access and authorization work flows.
  • Automated notifications and full information insight to adjudicate each applicant’s request
  • Automatic routing for exception handling and extendable work flow capability to facilitate multiple rule-based approvals.
  • Oversight and robust audit capabilities on all users of all registered information systems and applications.
  • Support of multiple authentication methods, including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), several multi-factor options, and single factor authentication options such as User ID and Password.
  • Efficient integration with Enterprise Directory Systems or Human Resource Information Systems that rely on active directory or LDAP systems for user profile and credential management.

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