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Network Penetration Testing & Multimedia Services Testing

Keep Your Mission-Critical Infrastructure Services Safe from Penetration

Network Penetration & Multimedia Services Testing Overview

What was safe and secure just yesterday could be vulnerable today. This includes the network equipment, processes, information, and multimedia services that power your organization. In fact, just about anything connected to your network could be compromised by a hacker or virus. We can help you keep your mission-critical infrastructure services safe and sound.

Our comprehensive Network Penetration & Multimedia Services Testing supports the full lifecycle of legacy and new technology and services at various levels of testing and analysis. We combine the most proven aspects of automated testing with custom-designed attacks to provide in-depth testing and analysis. As a result, Applied Communication Sciences can deliver a structured, prioritized rating of your vulnerabilities, related impact and a plan to mitigate any risk. So you can focus on keeping your operations running smoothly.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Our approach to network penetration and multimedia services testing includes:

  • Proven testing methodology. Applied Communication Sciences' applies our methodology and tools to identify critical vulnerabilities and the potential for exploitation across software, systems, communications, and hardware components.
  • Comprehensive attack simulation. We perform activities like packet capture analysis, source code analysis, and software reverse engineering to identify potential vulnerabilities, design specific attacks, and then test for them. For embedded systems, we perform highly-specialized hardware and firmware security assessments.
  • Network and system configuration analysis. We can perform configuration analysis across a variety of systems and networks to determine how they measure up to industry best practices. For IP networks, our award-winning IP Assure Information Package tool for policy assessment and compliance can be utilized to determine if required security, availability and regulatory policies are implemented correctly.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has over 25 years of security experience building and protecting critical infrastructure and large, complex networks and services. We work with a broad range of clients from within government and telecommunications to domestic and global enterprises and product suppliers, to help guard against a broad range of threats. We also participate heavily in defining standards for web-based and emerging mobile services. This experience gives us unique insight into penetration testing issues and current and future threats.

Our expertise spans present-day and cutting-edge information and communications technologies, with significant aptitude across network technologies, IT systems, software applications and multimedia services. Our ability to innovate new methodologies also allows us to pioneer the security analysis of new and established technologies, such as web services, smart phone devices, IPTV, Smart Grid, WiFi, VoIP, SIP and application servers, databases, standard network equipment and more. Leverage our deep experience to help you stay ahead of cyber security threats and keep your network, services and data safe.