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Security Operations Benchmarking & Optimization

Ensure a Superior Security Event Response

Security Operations Benchmarking & Optimization Overview

When disaster strikes, are your people, processes and procedures ready? Is your staff trained to handle an event involving new technologies, like VoIP? A physical or cyber intrusion can cripple your organization if you're not prepared for the worst. We can help measure your preparedness and develop a solid response plan for a broad range of potential threats and incidents.

Our Security Operations Benchmarking & Optimization services can help you assess and improve the event response effectiveness of your staff, network infrastructure, security technology and supporting operations processes. We'll help you understand how to identify a problem and its cause, contain it, and recover quickly. So no matter what the challenge, your teams and infrastructure will be ready.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

Our approach to security operations benchmarking and optimization includes:

  • Intrusion/incident event simulation. Our security optimization experts produce a customized cyber and/or physical event scenario to test the people, policies and procedures in place at your organization.
  • Exercise assessment. We provide a report detailing what went right and wrong during the exercise to identify those policies and procedures that may need to be changed or implemented to meet industry best practices.
  • Management briefing. We'll hold a dynamic round-table discussion with your team to deliver feedback to the exercise response, discuss necessary areas of improvement and effective solutions.
  • On-site observation. We can monitor your network operations center staff over a period of time to better understand how they handle alarms and security events. By seeing how your teams work day-to-day, we can make recommendations for additional or different policies and procedures.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has over 25 years of security experience building and protecting critical infrastructure and large, complex networks and services. Our security optimization experts work with a broad range of clients from within government and telecommunications to domestic and global enterprises and product suppliers, to help guard against a broad range of threats. We also participate heavily in defining standards for emerging mobile services. This experience gives us unique insight into current and future threats.

Our expertise spans present-day and cutting-edge information and communications technologies, with significant aptitude across network technologies, IT systems, software applications and multimedia services. Our ability to innovate new methodologies also allows us to pioneer the security analysis of new and established technologies, such as 3G/4G mobile devices, Smart Grid, WiFi, VoIP, SIP and application servers, databases, standard network equipment and more. Leverage our deep experience in security optimization to help you stay ahead of cyber security threats and keep your network, services and data safe.