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Security Policy & Architecture Development

Protect Your Critical Infrastructure with the Right Information Security Policies

Security Policy & Architecture Development Overview

Your network and services are constantly evolving. New types of devices are always being introduced and users want to take advantage of the latest breakthrough technologies and applications. But smart phones and tablets, Skype, WiFi and more can also introduce security vulnerabilities that your organization can't afford. Our Security Policy & Architecture Development service helps you define the best policies and architectures for introducing new technologies, services and devices while recognizing the security implications. So you can realize the benefits of next-generation technologies without the inherent security risks.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

We provide the insight, knowledge and support you need to confidently introduce or restrict changes to your network and services through:

  • Threat assessment and information security policy formulation. We monitor evolving threats and consider them against our customer's real-world business needs when developing the security policies that guide the architecture and solution implementation.
  • Security architecture development. Every network and system will have a planned architecture that directs the purposeful and economic deployment of security controls within a risk management framework.
  • Product assessment and selection. We take a vendor-neutral, holistic approach to assessing product security features, interoperability, and compatibility with your network. By carefully selecting the best products and solutions for your business, ongoing management and maintenance will be streamlined.
  • Defining operational procedures. With new network functionality and requirements come new business models. We assess how suppliers, contractors, application developers, network staff and users must work together to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation.
  • Training. Our expertise across telecom and IT gives us the unique perspective needed to help prepare your network and services support teams and users for a broad range of technology changes.
  • Enforcement programs. Having the right information security policies, architecture, products and knowledge in place is important. But making sure that everyone follows the correct procedures, all the time, is what makes a successful implementation. We put programs in place to ensure compliance and reduced overall risk.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has over 25 years of security experience protecting critical infrastructure and large, complex networks and services. We work with a broad range of clients from within government and telecommunications to domestic and global enterprises and product suppliers, to help guard against a broad range of information security threats. We also participate heavily in defining standards for emerging mobile services. This experience gives us unique insight into current and future threats.

Our expertise spans present-day and cutting-edge information and communications technologies, with significant aptitude across network technologies, IT systems, software applications and multimedia services. Our ability to innovate new methodologies also allows us to pioneer the security analysis of new technologies, such as smart phone devices, tablets, Smart Grid, WiFi, VoIP and more. Leverage our deep information security experience to help you stay ahead of cyber security threats and keep your network, services and data safe.