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Supply Chain Integrity

Ensure Control of your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Integrity Overview

Communications networks and IT, and the products and components that power them, are the lifeblood of any organization. But increasingly complex and hard to manage product supply chains that could include offshore-developed hardware and software, and lifecycle support, are exposing these networks to new threats. Applied Communication Sciences can help to comprehensively manage your supply chain to preserve your network and system's reliability and safeguard the information it holds.

Our Supply Chain Integrity services help government and commercial sectors, including the telecommunications, power, and finance industries, take back control of their supply chains. We surpass just the basic product testing done by most organizations to provide a comprehensive analysis of the vulnerabilities in your supply chain and a risk mitigation strategy. The result is greatly reduced commercial and national security risks.

Our views on addressing commercial and national security risks associated with the public telecommunications infrastructure can be found in our Mitigating Supply Chain Security Risks whitepaper.

Methodologies and Tools: 

Methodologies and Tools

We provide a holistic approach to supply chain integrity, with risk mitigation elements that include:

  • Procedural. From supplier site inspections to pre-deployment product software analysis and testing, we can help you put more effective controls over your network and system suppliers.
  • Contractual. We'll guide the development of the appropriate terms, conditions and principles that will guide all supplier interactions.
  • Physical. We'll help you eliminate unwarranted supplier access to your equipment and facilities and develop secure protocols for necessary access.
  • Technical. We'll create an enhanced security architecture and provide ongoing security management for your entire supply chain. We'll also conduct deep, multi-stage security testing of network and system components, including source code, hardware, firmware, and communications protocols against current and evolving threats and oversight across the products' lifecycle.
Unique Perspective: 

Unique Perspective

Applied Communication Sciences has more than 25 years of experience assessing and protecting the world's most complex networks. Our ongoing network and security work with public and private organizations around the world has earned us unparalleled credibility. We hold a deep knowledge of federal and private sector critical infrastructure issues. And we have extensive experience supporting the development, acceptance, and application of domestic and international security methodologies. We understand the inherent risks associated with network operations and multimedia services, and we know how to build a security architecture that will eliminate them.

Applied Communication Sciences stands ready to mobilize a diverse supply chain security team with the right skills, security clearances, certifications, and field-tested methodologies to assess a full range of supply chain integrity scenarios.