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Managed Security Services

As a cost effective solution for distribution and energy generation utilities, Applied Communication Sciences provides outsourcing of security monitoring for AMI and Distribution Automation Field Area Networks (FAN) and SCADA environments.

Our teams will build, install, and operate an AMI/DA FAN and SCADA intrusion detection system and other security service componentsas a custom managed service within your service area or facility’s network environment with a defined Service Level Agreement. We will build and install wireless and WAN signal monitoring probes of different hardware configurations that will operate in fixed and mobile environments. The AMI/DA FAN probes will monitor over-the-air FAN device traffic. SCADA probes are deployed in the WAN. Captured traffic and alerts are transported to a data center located in our US based facilities.

Our Cyber Threat Analysis Team operates an Intrusion Detection System, FAN Analyzer™, Capture Repository, Traffic Profiler, SCADA Protocol Patroller, MeshView™ virtual & GIS tool, Customer Portal and other applications needed to manage the service in our data center for your company. Our Intrusion Detection System applies a series of defined rules and behaviors to the incoming traffic streams and raise alerts when conditions you define are satisfied. Our team conducts traffic analysis and event correlation to investigate, qualify AMI/ DA and SCADA IDS warnings and performs notification. Alerts are logged and trigger a response designed to meet your operations needs. All captured traffic is stored in a Capture Repository and provided to you via a portal to view the traffic traces, IDS alert logs, and system health and operational status. Data can also be fed into your SIEM or other management systems.

Our managed service offering delivers a full range of daily operations, including monitoring system health; sorting, processing, responding, and investigating alerts; examining packet captures associated with alerts; scanning packet captures for unidentified traffic; managing the customer portal and capture repository; and responding to utility requests. We prepare reports summarizing the system operation, alerts, incidents, and statistics. Click here for a Case Study.

Our team would be pleased to discuss your specific AMI/DA and SCADA managed security services needs with you. Please contact us at smartgrid@appcomsci.com