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Operations and Engineering Support

Security. Efficiency. Reliability. For nearly a decade Applied Communications Sciences (ACS) has been enabling utilities to achieve these critical goals by providing advanced consulting, engineering and security services. This support has allowed utilities to efficiently design and deploy new network technologies, optimize their operations and competently secure them.

Today, utilities are faced with ever increasing cyber threats while redesigning operations to be more efficient - - all while information and operations technologies are increasingly being integrated. In response, our Operations and Engineering services are both comprehensive and proven. We assist in designing and securing your network by taking a holistic view from both the bottom up and top down. Our tools provide unique capabilities, predictive analytics, high visibility into networks and situational awareness to enhance operations and engineering. They detect communications and network anomalies and protocol violations indicative of security intrusions and improper AMI FAN and SCADA WAN and device operations performance. These unique tools enable engineers to perform extensive “what-if” scenarios, identify back-bone devices critical to operations and predict pre-mature failures.

Recent examples of how Applied Communication Sciences is helping utilities solve their complex problems include:

For a large, investor-owned electric utility:  We provided a detailed security assessment of their cyber security posture including the effectiveness of their policies and architecture, operations processes, and governance structure. We assessed their information technology and operations technology infrastructures, and present method of operation to develop a baseline security posture for the client to build upon. Our experts then compared their posture against not only industry standards and current best practices but also “next practices” to securely manage their smart grid evolution.

For an investor-owned electric and gas utility with over 5 million customers:  For over five years ACS has been providing this client security services such as third party IT and IP based network, firewall, web applications vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We have also performed security vulnerability assessments of their information assurance programs to help improve their security posture against emerging threats.

For a major municipal utility: ACS has delivered on-going third party IT and network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for several years. Our experts have also been trusted to provide business impact analysis services to help the utility prioritize and adjust their organizational risk management and business continuity plans to prepare for accelerated new technology deployments and pending critical infrastructure protection changes.

Our Utilities team is eager to work with you to assess, define and solve your most critical challenges as smart grid components proliferate into all aspects of energy and power environments. Please contact us at smartgrid@appcomsci.com