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Vulnerability and Risk Assessment


Your network, equipment, processes and people are always changing. So is your vulnerability to physical and cyber threats. We can help you identify all of your exposures to risk. Such as those that threaten the availability and resiliency of the mission-critical services your employees and customers count on.

Our expertise across IT, IP and telecom gives us the unique perspective necessary to serve a broad range of organizations with diverse needs. Our Vulnerability & Risk Assessment services can help you securely manage the evolution of your network and identify any vulnerabilities and risks that may impact the services that are critical to your organization and smooth operations.

Methodologies and Tools:

Our comprehensive Security Service provides evaluation of your vulnerability and exposure to risk and includes:

  • Infrastructure segmentation. We examine the access, core and operations network segments, services layer and supporting systems to identify all vulnerabilities.
  • Redundancy and duplication. We help you implement fail-proof duplication protocols and procedures and redundant operations that will protect your invaluable information and services regardless of how sophisticated the attack.
  • Logical and physical diversity. When one system or service fails or is attacked, will your backup be affected too? From Internet Service Provider and router selection to circuit routing and building security, diversity is important. We can help make sure that if your critical connections, services or infrastructure experience a failure, your business will stay up and running.
  • Supply chain integrity. We consider vulnerabilities and risks that could result from foreign manufactured components or products from foreign suppliers being inserted into your network.
  • Structured rating of vulnerability risk and mitigation plan. We'll deliver a hierarchal risk level rating with the critical mitigation information you need to make the best security choices for your organization. We can use your organization's existing risk rating structure or provide one for you.
  • Essential Smart Grid Intelligent Device Security Services:

    Distributed intelligent SCADA, AMI and DA devices employed in Smart Grid networks necessitate rethinking traditional utility operations technology security. New methods, techniques, and tools to identify intelligent device vulnerabilities and provide visibility into wireless network traffic are needed. Traditional IT approaches for security assessments and risk management are inadequate for Smart Grid systems.

    Applied Communication Sciences innovated its custom security assessment methodology and developed its own custom tools which allow deeper and more comprehensive security assessments and insights into network and device behavior and vulnerabilities. Our 4-Quadrant™ Security Assessment Methodology, a component of ACS’s SecureSMART™ Services, combines traditional penetration testing techniques for networks, computer systems, and applications, with a detailed embedded hardware security and unique radio communications analysis capability. It focuses on four areas: Wireless (Radio), Network, Software, and Embedded Hardware/Firmware. Our 4-Quadrant Assessment Methodology goes further linking the testing efforts and findings across each quadrant to evaluate cross-quadrant vulnerabilities, thus exposing the true risk and potential for damage that is sometimes not apparent when looking at only one category.

    Our 4-Quadrant Security Assessment Methodology is the only industry approach that can provide utilities with the deep comprehensive and insightful vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in all four quadrants holistically to more effectively identify vulnerabilities and develop mitigation plans to prevent malefactors from exploiting these Smart Grid vulnerabilities.

    Unique Perspective:

    Applied Communication Sciences has over 25 years of security experience protecting critical infrastructure and large, complex networks and services. We work with a broad range of clients from within government and telecommunications to domestic and global enterprises and product suppliers, to help guard against a broad range of threats. We also participate heavily in defining standards for emerging mobile services. This experience gives us unique insight into current and future threats.

    Our expertise spans present-day and cutting-edge information and communications technologies, with significant aptitude across network technologies, IT systems, software applications and multimedia services. Our ability to innovate new methodologies also allows us to pioneer the security analysis of new technologies, such as smart phone devices, tablets, Smart Grid, WiFi, VoIP, IPTV, cloud computing and more. Leverage our deep vulnerability risk assessment experience to help you stay ahead of cyber security threats and keep your network, services and data safe.